I feel the research in the area of Process Control is widely open with many challenging problems to be addressed. Energy conservation in the Distillation Column Control, Heat Exchangers, Batch Reactors are most common open problems to address. The modeling of industrial processes to the most accurate is the need of the hour. Chemical processes are highly nonlinear in nature. Capturing the nonlinear dynamics will improve the control loop performance in real time applications.

Completed & On-going Research Projects

  • “Investigation and Physical realization of 2DOF PID control with anti-reset windup for fast acting control loops”, Fast track for young scientist scheme, Dept. of Science and Technology, G.O.I., 2013-2016. – Status: Completed with excellent grade in the meeting held at IIT Madras during April 2017.
  • “Design, Simulation and Implementation of Sliding Mode Controller for a Nonlinear Process: Conical tank level control”, Manipal University Post-Doctoral Research and Publications grant, Jan2013-Dec 2014, Status: Completed.
  • “Kinetics Modeling and design of advanced nonlinear control algorithms for a pilot plant batch reactor”, MAHE(IoE) Seed money grant, Jan 2020-Dec 2021, Status: On-Going.
  • “Design and Implementation of SMC controller for a Quadrotor”, ISRO, G.O.I, July 2019-July 2022. Status: On-Going

Ph.D Guidance



(Full time)

Design and Validation of Robust Controller for Binary Distillation Column

27th Dec 2014 – March 2018.

Thesis submitted (MAHE) on 27th March 2018

VIVA VOCE held on 25th August 2018


Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engg., NIT Trichy


Dr.Cyril Joseph

(Part time)

Controller Synthesis for Complementarity Hybrid Dynamical System

Thesis submitted (MAHE) in April 2018.

VIVA VOCE held on Sep. 2018



EE, IIT-Rourke


Dr.Sarath Yadav

(Full time)

Design, Implementation and Validation of Control Schemes on the Batch Distillation Column

16th July 2016 –

March 2020

Thesis submitted (MAHE) on 7th May 2020.

VIVA VOCE Held On 5th Aug 2020

Emeritus Professor-Chemical Engg
NIT Warangal
Ex-Director, NIT Trichy
Ex-Prof & Head, Chemical Engg., IIT Madras


(Part time)

Design of Robust PID Controller for a Binary Distillation Column

Feb 2014-March 2020.

Thesis submitted to SCSVMV Deemed University, Kanchipuram, May 2020.

VIVA VOCE, 9th April 2021

Eng. FEDELE Giuseppe
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Engineering,Modeling, Electronics and Systems
University of Calabria, Italy.
5Mrs.Tinu Valsa PaulModel Validation and Design of Robust Controller for Nonlinear Dynamics of Quadrotor.August 2019-Till date 
6Mr.Suraj Suresh KumarDesign and Simulation of Advanced Non-Linear Controllers for MAVSep 2020 to Till date 
7Ms. Sharini. D. LMachine Learning based Multi Sensor Data Fusion for Quadrotor using Advanced State Estimation Techniques  

DAQ card for real-time interface with Simulink and M-File

Automation for Advanced Process Station

SCADA development for the Batch Reactor and interfacing with YOKOGAWA Centum DCS is in process. Analog signals of 4-20mA need to be connected with PLC. Ethernet connection will be established b/w PLC and DCS.

Remote monitoring and control can be experienced



Research Activity:

PhD, PG and UG students are working in the area of nonlinear model identification using ARX, NARX, GPC based PID controller design for the chemical processes. Students are validating the designed, simulated control algorithms on various pilot plants available in Lab-2 using MATLAB platform. The pilot plant sensors and actuator signals are interfaced to higher end PC using VDPID-03 DAQ, NI 6008 DAQ, etc.

Students are getting hands-on experience in handling Simulink and m-file codes to implement the control algorithms.

Students who are self-motivated/ interested to engage with technical activities in control and automation can approach. Presently I am looking for students to get involved in neural network based nonlinear model identification and control projects with real time applications.


  • Motivated towards technical works / hardware implementation.
  • Coding skills (Basic/Medium)
  • Mathematical concepts.


  • B.Tech / M.Tech students ICE/EIE/ECE/EEE/ CSE/IT can work on identification and control algorithm developments in MATLAB® simulation environment / Implementation.
  • B.Tech/ M.Tech in Chemical/Bio-Tech can also work with the mass transfer / heat transfer concepts with pilot plant chemical process / batch reactor.

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